Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Village Atheists

There are several prominent authors presently promulgating books regarding what they consider to be the idiocy of believing in God. Since it is a time-honored practice to consider one's opponent as a valuable voice in the low tavern of life, the Three Massketeers choose not to dismiss their wrong-headed opinions out of hand, much the way Professor Ransom considered MacPhee an invaluable member of the group gathered at St.-Anne's-on-the-Hill in Lewis's That Hideous Strength. (Yes, yes, modeled on Lewis's tutor who taught him syllogistic thinking: "I have no opinions!")

As resources, Michael Liccione suggests the follow ways for ”Dealing with Dawkins.”

[Tip: Amy Welborn]


Athos said...

Try it now, Monk!

Porthos said...

Nice roud-up of the best articles at that link, Ath!

Sigh. Who would have imagined that we'd be nostalgic for Bertrand Russell?