Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Good Earth

Tomatoes from the summer of '06. This is Lady Porthos' work, not mine, but I've got to bolster up my Agrarian creds to curry favor with Ath.

An additional Distributist contribution. (It's Eva, and not Zsa Zsa as previously reported in the comment boxes.)


Athos said...

What a charming little farm bungalow depicted in the opening of that instructional video you embedded, Porthos! NOW you're getting on the Distributist bandwagon.

Porthos said...

Not a word about our tomatoes? Oh, well.

Unfortunately, I haven't mastered the embed process yet, so that was just a link.

And I'm still somewhat in the Eva Gabor faction on the Distributist question--though, as you no doubt remember, it was the Eva Gabor character who really cottoned to the country life, while the husband suffered constant agrarian vexation.

Athos said...

I'm growing Beefsteak and Best Boy tomatoes in my front yard, P. Yours (last summer) look great. And, did you get your hands in the dirt, too?

For embedding, just copy the stuff in the "embed" field under the URL to the right of the video at You Tube, paste it into the New Post. Voila!

Porthos said...

I'll have to experiment. Thanks!

I've gotten my hands in a lot of dirt by moving quite a lot of it around, and also by doing rocks and bricks, but if I actually tended plants they might not do too well . . . Call it the Porthos effect.