Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Great God Debate

Following up on Athos' Hitch post below, the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Mark D. Roberts on Hugh Hewitt's show can be read in transcription or listened to here at Townhall (if you scroll around a bit).

I have not had a chance to read or hear it, and so can give no impressions yet.

Correction: Transcripts are not actually up yet, but you can still listen.


D'artagnan said...

If I haven't mentioned this enough, Prof Peter Kreeft has some awesome lectures you can read, hear,or download.

Oddly, during one of the older lectures Q&A sessions, he is asked if he'll ever have a website, to which he replies
"when hell freezes over"

thought it felt a bit chilly here (O:

Athos said...

Kreeft is soo good, Monk. I like Thomas Howard's work too, as well as Steve Ray and Scott Hahn.


Porthos said...

Thanks for the pointer, D'Ar-- Uh, I mean, thanks, Monk.

D'artagnan said...

Thomas Howard introduces him on one of the recorded lectures.

I enjoy Scott Hahn's writing, but his speaking style takes a lil' getting used to.

'course, with this here blog, what else does a monk need to read (O: