Thursday, June 28, 2007

See What Can Happen in 40 Days

Dramatically reduce abortions in your community... Mobilize hundreds of new pro-life volunteers... Help post-abortive women find healing... Generate prominent pro-life news coverage... Make LIFE the most important issue in elections... Copyright © 2007 40 Days For Life.


Athos said...

I'll be interested to see if my diocese picks up the '40 Day' program; it is already vvery pro-life.

The one thing I balked at in the promo video was "Jesus was transformed in 40 days" __ ? Wha?

Athos said...

Not that it is in ANY way like it, but I have a "thing" about voice-over announcers who are too sincere, pushy, and/or hard-sell. I don't think apologetics works from shoves. Sort of like the guy doing "Frank's" (Bill Murray's) re-make of the spot for the "IBC" Christmas Eve Show in Scrooged.

swissmiss said...

Along those lines, some good things are happening in the Twin Cities. Pro-Life Action Ministries is beginning renovation on a site right next door to an abortion mill in Robbinsdale and Total Life Care Centers recently purchased a site just a door away from Planned Parenthood in St. Paul. Both sites have been given permission by Archbishop Harry Flynn to have Perpetual Adoration in their facilities!