Sunday, June 10, 2007

Collapse of Europe Conference

It is great to know that our-man-on-the-scene, Gil Bailie, of the Cornerstone Forum, will be attending a conference on the collapse of Europe at Pepperdine University, Malibu. Participants will include Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mark Steyn, Daniel Pipes, Avi Davis, James Q. Wilson, and a boatload of other top flight folk.

It's great to know Gil will be present. See his thoughts about the event here.

See for yourself what the conference will be about. And you might want to pray that security is beefed up today and tomorrow at Pepperdine ...


Athos said...

For what feels like good news and a breeze of the Holy Spirit check out The Anchoress' Scouting in Baghdad.

D'artagnan said...

But isn't prayer security in itself?

Anyhoo, interested that fellow convert (politically speaking, as I once leaned to the left)David Horowitz will be a moderator.

Wonder if anyone will be sporting "Remember Lepanto" t-shirts

Porthos said...

Horowitz's Radical Son is definitely worth a read. Aramis especially might relate, like me, to the Black Panther sympathizer element of the story.

Athos said...

Crossing the Atlantic on my way with fellow travelers to the Holy Land, I recall asking a buddy why his wife wasn't with him on this trip. He told me his parents were willing to watch their two small children, but he and his wife thought it would be wrong to leave their children parent-less if, God forbid, something shd take both their lives.

To me, the situation is similar. Yes, go out on faith and prayer, but have a sense of realism. As I tell my 6th graders before tests, "Cover your answers so you won't tempt your neighbor to look at them."

Original Sin exists, and, for some, the temptation to inflict injury or worse on others "in God's name" is a very real one.

"Legitimate defense" (Catechism #2263-2267) is, IMO, both the Church's teaching and realistic.

Athos said...

BTW, please understand I am speaking solely of campus security here, not globally per se.

With the people who are presenters, I don't think the conference will degenerate into a hand-wringing-remember-Lepanto battle cry. Monk, Gil is a vvery trustworthy person to listen to; it'll be most interesting to hear his take on it.

Personally, I'm the Pope's man: Europe has made its own bed (or set it on fire while lying on it). It is high time to rediscover its Catholic origins with all due repentance and "get back (get back) get back (get back) to where we once belonged."

D'artagnan said...

I was warned prior to my first trip to Italia, that you only see old woman in church. I was happy to say this was only partly true, as I saw a lot of under 30 single folk as well.
JPII's legacy of hope!