Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dreadnought on the Anti-Human Agenda

in the Baltic and Central Europe. Seems to me an important piece.

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Athos said...

Full agreement with Mr. Heard, Porthos. While the barbarians want with all their hearts to pull down the teachings of the Church stone by stone (taking with it traditional marriage, the family, viable birth rates, and civility), the fifth column of liberal critics from within Catholicism are doing their best to open the gates to the hoards without.

Mimetic theory helps us understand the pathology of sin involved in these attacks, particularly in demythologizing the motives of these attackers and wannabee destroyers. They believe they are being "righteous" and even "defenders" of oppressed alt. lifestyle personages. In truth, they are promoters of neopaganism in its multifarious forms and mere dupes and stooges of the primitive sacred that wants victims for the sacrificial flames.

What greater victim than the Catholic Church? and what greater damage would it cause? what fear, loathing, dread, awe, and power would it wring from humanity?

BTW, a Christian novelist recently contacted me (via Gil Bailie) and asked about evil -- is it personal? In other words, is Satan personal or a force only?

Good question, but it deserves more space. Later ...