Friday, June 08, 2007

Peter Kreeft (via Monk)

Musical Monk has pointed us to the work of Peter Kreeft. There is very good stuff to be found there.

Just thought I'd highlight the site in a main post rather than down in the comment boxes. Monk can't do that since he's not a 'Teer. Yet.


D'artagnan said...

Kreeft is amazing!. I still would love to see/hear his story "Between Heaven and Hell" as a play.

Judging from the rather high intellectual standards 'round here, I fear the type of 'Teer I resemble, is far more likely to be heard singing "M-I-C---K-E-Y",than "One for All, and all for One (church)"

Athos said...

Trust me: we're all occasionally the Mickey type of Mouseketeer too. And when the puns get too thick, or one of us gets upon his ye ol' highhorse, we are apt to want to "slip him a Mickey" too!

Your graphics @ your blog are really great, Monk!

Porthos said...

Who's to say Disney and not Dumas was our template? Scholars differ.

D'artagnan said...

Sadly, I do fear that until I can read the name Dumas, and not giggle, I will not be worthy of this fine band of mice . . .um, men.

Glad ya liked the graphics, and remember, I does free picture framing for folk in the area.