Thursday, June 28, 2007

Franciscan Peace - Video and Plug for a Retreat

Songs performed by John Michael Talbot.
Beginning in the late 1960s with Mason Proffit pioneering the Country Rock that became the mainstay of modern Country Music, John Michael went on to be part of the more radical founding generation of the newly forming Christian Contemporary Music in 1976.
In addition to John's music, writing, and teaching ministries, he and the Brothers and Sisters of Charity operate an agricultural mission in Nicaragua, provide major assistance to Mercy Corps, maintain a free medical clinic and engage in itinerant ministry locally, and operate The Little Portion Retreat and Training Center. He is also the founder and President of CAM, the Catholic Association of Musicians, an organization dedicated to the support and nurturing of Catholic musicians.

Check out the Little Portions Hermitage - a great place for a retreat, guided or individual. From their website:
The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a Public Association of the Faithful, was founded by John Michael Talbot in 1980. We are a Catholic-based covenant community of celibate brothers, celibate sisters, and families, called as a
monastic spiritual family into deep live relationships with and in Jesus Christ... We share common work and recreation areas while retaining appropriate separate cloistered areas for each expression...
Most of the work we do at the Little Portion Hermitage consists of gardening, care of livestock, office work, cooking, cleaning and maintenance of the grounds and buildings. Part of our life deals with the manual tasks of making the community as self-sufficient as possible. Each brother or sister may also choose to spend a few hours a week doing some ministry in the nearby towns. Our local outreaches include manning our Little Flower Clinic; ministering at our Little Portion Retreat and Training Center, which is run mostly by local domestic members but with some involvement from the monastic community; and meeting various other needs of the local populations that come to our attention from time to time. Another ministry of ours is giving tours and simply being a loving presence to the hundreds of “pilgrims” who come to visit the hermitage every year.
JMT has a very nice series of instrument music listed under "Pathways" that I really love.

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