Saturday, June 02, 2007

Three Days of the Condor

"We have games. We play games." Aren't the games we play amazing? From this one minute outtake you would think that our lives are nothing more than games and that they are the only thing that matters... Looking at the newspaper today, it is not a stretch to see it as one big sports page.

Reflecting on our daily walk, do we live as if everything depends on the games, stuck in the swirling trap of mimetic rivalry, or do we live as if something outside of this world has a hold of us? Maybe we could pray on that today...


Athos said...

Ignored on a progressive/liberal/religionist list, brother Aramis goes directly to the YouTube clip to which I alluded. Good detective work!

Morever, precognitive with a vengeance for a screenplay from 1975.

David Nybakke said...

One of my all time favorite movies. Thank you for bringing it up on the "other" list.