Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Narnia in the Meantime

A visitor @ Mark Shea's blog lifted up an apparent Catholic Narnia Fan Website (not that one needs be Catholic to love the land of us Puddleglum types).


D'artagnan said...

It is funny that you mention this, as I have been worrying over the anti-Narnia movie "The Golden Compass" that is due out at Christmas. Worrying, that is because it is an anti-Christian story for the young, and I have heard little from Christian circles in preparation for it (like they were for the silly DaVinci Code).

I haven't posted on it as of yet, because I am trying to get myself to re-read the books ( I read them as an atheist, so my view has some what changed).

Athos said...

Yeah, Pullman is as vehement as Dawkins and Hitch, although, to my mind, more dangerous since his audience is children.

I really enjoyed his first book, but then (as U. Meth. pastor) I cdn't tell just where he was starting to go w/the series. Then I cd by the third book, and threw it away.

I just sent my 6th grade off for the summer. More and more kids seem to be "unrooted" if you know what I mean, even kids raised in Catholic families.

Considering the star power of the movie (Daniel Craig, N. Kidman), I plan to do a lot of praying re: The Golden Compass.

D'artagnan said...

Sadly, I am also a big fan of the director.

An old friend, who is also a teacher, sadly has Pullman listed on her school's blog, as recommended authors.Pray, pray, and maybe even pray!