Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dreadnought Redux

John Heard - aka Dreadnought - is, as Porthos repeatedly tells us, one of the most forthright crusaders for the Church's teachings on human sexuality. In a post on an article from Commonweal here (warning: some disturbing "eye candy"), he decries the succumbing of so many who want to subvert the Church's teachings to mere human predilections and whims (read: Gnostic desires and disordered passions):
(This is nothing except) a telling example of what Catholicism would look like if it were a bastard religion that worshipped a new god known (or more likely unknown) most often via personal experience. In short, it is the same Christianity-lite and near neo-Pagansim we've been fed by sixties-era liberals for decades.
This from a self-avowed homosexual ("gay conservative") who deems John Paul II the Great's Theology of the Body the "summa" of the 21st century. You go, Dreadnought.

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Porthos said...

Yeah, that was a good one! Thanks!

BTW, is it DreadnOught or DreadnAught? For aught I know, either spelling is OK, but I ought to check. Or not. Maybe the effort would be all for naught. I mean nught. Whew, I'm really tying my poor noggin in knots!