Monday, June 25, 2007

The Sign of the Cross +

If you haven't watched it, Children of Men qualifies as the most fear-filled prophetic film of sacrificial meltdown you will see. Why bother to watch the whole phantasmagoria? For a simple reason: Theo. Theo (played by Clive Owen -- King Arthur, 2004) is not a finger-pointing accuser, but a hustler/cubicle flunky who becomes a Saint Joseph-like protector of the only child born (in the entire world!) in 17 years. It is he who threads this immigrant mother and child through the death-dealing special interests of this dystopic futuristic vision of England, with the help of political cartoonist, Jasper Palmer, a favorite character of mine, played by Michael Caine.

Too, here is an appreciative review/essay by John Murphy in Godspy.

Warning: 'R' rated gun violence. But if you watch, look for the Sign of the Cross:

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Read the book! It's great!