Monday, June 25, 2007

The Turning Tide

Youth Turn to the Catholic Church
as the Solid Rock amidst the shifting sands of cultural chaos.


Genevieve said...

This MUST be true--I wish, however, that it was quantifiable in some way.

It is obvious that we are living in a time of tremendous grace --how else could any of us resist the pull of the world?

David Nybakke said...

Is he contending that after generations of living a not-too-slow-a-death in consumerism, individualism and relativism resulting in the 'eating of our young' that the Church save a place like ... London if it hosted a World Youth Day?

Toronto and

Hummm, is he saying that the youth will turn the tide in Paris and the nation of France around from becoming a Muslim state?

I guess I need to get the book to see how and what the author uses to measure his findings.

Athos said...

I'm kind of sorry I sent that despairing article from Adbusters to you and Porthos, Aramis. There is enough despair "out there" as it is.

I am hoping that it is our generation that is the denouement of the downward, sacrificial death-spiral -- as the Baby Boom generation backs away from the reality of its own inevitable demise -- and sees that all the "SUVs, cruises and anti-wrinkle creams" in the world cannot stave off mortality -- the "Chavs" may, just may come looking for something Better; namely, salvation.

Will all of them make it? Deviated transcendence has always been getting a religious high "on the cheap." So, sadly, no.

But the Catholic Church is still the best plan that God has for this benighted planet. And through the heart of even the most hardened Boomer, or Chav, there is a tiny crack -- that's how the light gets in.

Athos said...

BTW, if you were to visit my diocese, Aramis (Arlington), I think you might be shocked at the faithfulness, attendance, and concern for just the issues about which we and other great blogs (like Gen's) speak.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be a convert in a lack-luster, liberal, "reform", and indifferent diocese. Apparently, I'm not worthy of such suffering (thank God).

David Nybakke said...

Dear Ath,

I wallow in despair for but a second and then I turn and take heart with my fellow Mass'keteers and I am set right.

Ah, alas my dear comrade, I do not believe your hope in OUR generation holds up. The idea of thinking in this sort of concept of time – as OUR generation is simply the extension of 'this generation' as Jesus tells us through Matthew 11:16; 12:41; 12:42; 12:45; 23:36; and 24:32 – falls short, I’m afraid, of the need for resting in His Time. In an earlier post you quoted Bailie in his talk, “The Mystery of History,” and in that talk he warns of how when people get impatient their impatience is projected onto God and this justifies their violence.

But we 3 raise our swords in truth to the Catholic Church as the only place to be throughout our time here on this planet.

Athos said...

Right ho, Aramis. And, although not quite in line with our discussion, Daniel Mitsui quotes St. Augustine on True Religion and shows that the more things change and years roll by, the more they stay the same with "this generation."