Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dawn of a New Beginning - July 2, 2007

Athos posted on Dawn's new venture earlier (see here), however I think it deserves more fanfare. Not only will July 2 represent a new beginning for Dawn Eden, but you can bet she will be a great model and teacher for young people on many campuses throughout the country. Read about Dawn here, as she will be starting a new vocation as director of the Cardinal Newman Society's new Love and Responsibility program. Hey Dawn, we need to link you up with Gil Bailie and his Emmaus Road Initiative as well as he has a great retreat entitled: BODY LANGUAGE: The Word Made Flesh "Male and Female He Made Them."

We know that you will inspire a whole new generation of people. If there is anything we 3 Massketeers can do to help please let us know.


Gil Bailie said...

Thanks for this, Athos. I have long admired what Dawn has been doing. The Cardinal Newman Society is a perfect match. I'm happy to see that you and your fellow massketeers have followed Dawn's work. She's making an wondeful and important contribution, as are you guys.

My best,

D'artagnan said...

I just wanna help her pack/unpack her music collection.

Athos said...

Er, that was Aramis, Gil. But I fully agree that the Cornerstone Forum and Cardinal Newman Society need closer collaboration. The Emmaus Road Initiative seems a perfect venue for it.