Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sin Taking Advantage of the Law - Again

Sacred Scripture, the Word of God, as the Church teaches, is always about the work of freeing people from slavery to sin and death. This slavery, so well thematized in the work of René Girard, is inextricably bound up with Satan whom Our Lord himself designates as a “murderer and a liar from the beginning” [John 8]. I have given a quick rundown of how the primitive sacred lays the sacrificial foundations for fallen, human culture in "Summer Thoughts" (below) and elsewhere (Cf. 'Mimetic Theory' in sidebar), so I won’t go into it again now (Porthos: “Whew!”).

What is too important now not to do is to expose yet another way the primitive sacred has skittered, roach-like out of the light of Christ in our day. Secular materialists are churning out books on atheism that sell like hot-cakes, so appeal to the Divine for approval of violence is silenced in the west. That should be good news, and it is! But ... the satanic primitive sacred slips under a different rock of sanction. What is left if one cannot get approval for one’s brutality from one’s deity? Why, what worked so well in the 20th century, of course: government and law.

It’s an old recipe: Saint Paul pronounced it telling us that sin took advantage of the Law [Romans 7,8].

So, today a German pastor is sentence for merely making a comment against abortion. Massachusetts, a state that used to know something about fighting governmental tyranny, won’t allow people to vote regarding a key element of the new expression of the primitive sacred, literally degenerate sexuality. And the central government of the Sudan allows systematic rape and murder in Darfur (The Koran and the government say it’s okay – double whammy - a billion Muslims can't be wrong).

What do all three of these examples have in common? Sin taking advantage of the Law – something extremely difficult to see as evil, because we depend on law to keep the peace and order of society. But it is happening. Now.

And the sinful same ol’ same ol’ slithers out of sight again. But only for the time being. The Holy Spirit is opening the eyes of many who will not this snake get away with enslaving and murdering again. But what damage, what death, what destruction will take place under the mantle of the Law in the mean time?


Genevieve said...

As a lawyer I saw how the law can be overtaken by sin and lies on a daily basis. Now we see it on a grand scale as crafty language and smooth talk fool the masses into believing that justice is being accomplished.

Those without the light of grace are easily duped by the Father of lies--what a sad state of affairs the modern world finds itself in

D'artagnan said...

Remember, it's only starting too, as this Christmas Hollywood gives us the first installment of the anti-Christian children/young adult series "The Dark Materials", by Philip Pullman.

Of course Hollywood is so brain/soul dead, they most likely think, "hey, it's about God, bring it out at Christmas".