Friday, June 29, 2007

There Are Crowds, and Then There Are Crowds

A post by Mark Daniels that is worth reading all the way through. The power of crowds and the power of prayer.

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Athos said...

Yeah. I like P. Yancey's work that Matthews in a somewhat Hitchenesque style cites, but I think it is done even more starkly, poignantly, and poetically by M. Night Shyamalan.

During WWII, Eddie Rickenbacker was shot down and left adrift at sea. A seagull landed on his liferaft. He GRABBED it, killed it, and drank its blood, keeping himself alive. He became a Christian because of the event.

I know another story of an airman who also was shot down, got into his liferaft, but no seagull came. His lifeless body was found, and his family had no consolation.

Does that mean God does NOT answer prayers? It all depends.

Our puny minds can't see all ways and means. It has more to do with faith. What it all means in the long run -- well, I'll leave that up to Providence. Cheers!