Friday, September 21, 2007

Mass'keteers make list of Wealthiest Americans

Opening to Yahoo this morning, I see my buddy Bill Gates' mug above the article of the wealthiest of the wealthy, and was shocked that neither Porthos, Aramis, Athos, or myself, made the list. Everyday I get to receive the Savior of the world in the Eucharist, and I must ask, what is of more value than that?

If I were allowed my own list of the richest people I know, many don't have two penny's to rub together, and if they did, they'd be the first to give'em away to someone in greater need (and there is always someone in greater need!).

It is oddly fitting that this article comes out on Saint Matthew's feast day, as he is a great example of the rich getting richer . . .God's way!

St. Matthew pray for those of wealth to have eyes to see their (our) own poverty!

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