Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bamiyan Buddha - Before/After

Iconoclasm is not the sole domain of non-Christians. An extraordinary amount of it took place during the Protestant Reformation. If one values art, say, like that at the Vatican Museums, one might ask if the temporal expressions of truth, goodness, and beauty have any intrinsic goodness worth passing on to future generations. If it doesn't, in your mind, you have nothing to lose. If it does have value, one might ask how can such expressions of sub-creation be preserved, again, say, in light of certain developments (cf. above photos).

By the way, the second photo is slated for removal from Wikipedia after 17 September (two days from now -- get a good look, while you can).

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Athos said...

Rod Dreher, Crunchy Con and editorialist notes in The Dallas Morning News the underlying agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and what it means for the U. S. "Is this just alarmist paranoia?" he asks. "Not at all." Here.

Cassandras, while lauding the highly important 'regenerative' and 'offensive' elements of faith, know that we are to warn using the example of the prophets. Woe to us if we allow enemies to undermine and bring down what we are supposed to steward for future generations.