Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hollywood Prayer Network

Took a Screen writing class for Christians, this past weekend, and a question we were all asked was "Will you pray for Hollywood?". Seems we of faith(me especially) are great at whining about Hollywood, but like complaining about the weather, we rarely do anything about it. We have the most powerful weapon available, and the most loving, in prayer.

Will you pray for Hollywood?


Athos said...

The testimonies of the people on the street, presumably in the "TMZ", what they say they believe in -- truly sad. And Kathy Griffin said at the Emmys. Mammon is so great and deceiving a god.

Athos said...

Insert: "it makes sense of what" between "And" and "Kathy Griffin" in the second sentence, por favor.

David Nybakke said...

So what are we to pray for? Hollywood? What is Hollywood really? Can you put your finger on the "spirit" of Hollywood?

Can we stop, as you say, whining about Hollywood and explore just what is it and why? Hollywood is a fantastic model of mimetic desire.

David Nybakke said...

As one in the video said, "We need to get out there ... to not necessarily make more Christian films, but to put Christians in Hollywood."

Very politically correct, huh? ...how far can you take this need? Can you take it into the university?

Is this "need" different from say the political realm?

Do you really think that by putting more "Christians" in Hollywood that this would have a dramatic effect on what is produced by the "spirit" of Hollywood? Or would this "spirit" of the false or negative mimetic desire rub off onto one working to change it?

Someone once said that you can tell a lot about a person by their checkbook (or observing who is standing in line at the cinema or video rental stores). Do you think that simply being Christian stops one from vulgar, tasteless, sex/violence "entertainment"? I would propose that it is this very segment of "Christians" that go a long way in financially supporting the current crop of Hollywood films.

Maybe a prayer needs to be said for Christians, so that they, individually go deeper in their faith growing ontologically in Christ so that collectively they, within the church help support each other with positive mimetic desire, being Christ for one another and the world in this moment in history.

One of the things I got from being at Gil's ERI presentation last night was our need to grow up - being mature in our faith. It is not enough to say we are a Christian, for the world needs a witness. The world needs a clear cut decision for Christ and to stop our "Christian" half-heartedness about maintaining choice and undecision.

David Nybakke said...

Sorry to hog the comment section and sorry for my previous comments of non-stop questions and ramblings. I guess what I was trying to say is that Hollywood folks need no more prayers than all the rest of us. I don't see Hollywood folks at fault, rather a relection of us who want to be "entertained". In reality - in our free enterprise zone (FEZ) Hollywood is only giving us what we desire and so make a living.

So yes we pray for folks in Hollywood, but we also pray for a conversion of hearts so that we become a market for good clean entertainment for Hollywood folks to produce AND MAKE A LIVING FROM.

Does that make any more sense?