Monday, September 03, 2007

The Mass'keteers Call Everyone to the ERI

Calling one and all to The Emmaus Road Initiative. Our friend Gil Bailie starts up a rigorous speaking and travel schedule beginning this Saturday, September 8th at the Washington Theological Union in Washington DC.

The Emmaus Road Initiative is a series of monthly presentations and follow-up discussions for religious educators, pastors, parents, and all those committed to fostering faith and bringing it to maturity.

Pope Benedict XVI has observed that today “theology and anthropology converge as two strains in a conversation.” In an effort to encourage that conversation and make it more fruitful, the Cornerstone Forum brings together René Girard’s anthropological insights into the uniqueness and universality of Christianity and the rich theological orthodoxy which Benedict XVI both espouses and exemplifies.

The result is an account of Christianity that is explicitly Christological, thoroughly traditional, and refreshingly original – something capable of rekindling the faith of Christians and reminding others of the cultural indispensability of Western civilization’s religious patrimony.

Check out a city, date and time here.

Check out the monthly themes here.


Athos said...

The "calling everyone" is not hyperbole, oriental or otherwise.

Bailie's Emmaus Road Initiative is one of the few truly important endeavors available to folk in these compromising and feeble days. If you happen to be in the DC, Capital Beltway area this Saturday, make it a point to be present at Washington Theological Union at 9:30 am for this demystifying kick off for the 2007-08 academical year.

Gil Bailie said...

Thanks for the boost.

Living up to the raised expectations will be beyond me, of course, but as long as the One who "chooses the weak and makes them strong" is on hand, perhaps things will work out ok.

My best,

Mark Gordon said...

I'll be in Glastonbury, CT, on the 10th to hear Gil's presentation there.

Porthos said...

Have a good and fruitful time, all! I'm sort of stuck on another continent, but will try to be there in spirit.