Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Truly Human? When Are We Truly Human?

Humility recognizes God as he is... Humility and trust are what make a person truly human.
-- Pope Benedict XVI

Most often in life I catch myself in the mimetic snares of the moment, often referring to it as being caught up in the crowd or caught up in the thrill or excitement or fear or even boredom: times where I pat myself on the back or tear myself or another down, but in those times I am most alien to the person who is birthed and called out by God. I am so often in the clutches of the spirit of the moment or thrill or excitement or fear or even boredom; but not in the Spirit of humility and trust which is when I am in the spirit of having said yes to Christ.

Humility for me, Aramis, seems to not only recognize God as he is, but also sees myself for as I am (in any given moment). And trust allows me to name the spirit for which I am caught up in without experiencing the emotional roller coaster of the false self. Humility and trust lead me to repentance and forgiveness - metanoia when I have turned away from God; and humility and trust sits me down at Our Lord's feet to share in His Peace.

I often find meditating on the words of Pope Benedict XVI so grounding and also so in tune with my understanding of mimetic theory. I find myself surrendering to Mary's YES - humility and trust are touchstones for my coming alive - being truly human.

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