Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Fire Starters" - Picking a Fight?

And Doing a Pretty Good Job of It
Gil Bailie says in his tape series on The Gospel of John, "…For us moderns, we will become acquainted with the power and uniqueness and singularity of the Christian gospels the more so that we see them in anthropological terms. And seeing them thus will not in any way diminish their spiritual implications for each of us. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary, I feel. But to shift from a kind of theological to an anthropological entrée to the gospels, I think, is called for in our time …" [12A]

A sad truth is that when a "sacrificial preparation" reaches a certain level of social and psychological turmoil, both individuals and groups will bifurcate, like cells dividing, into mimetic rivals or "doubles". This is a distinguishing feature of the "Sacred", anthropologically speaking. With no prior knowledge of mimetic theory, one can see this on the personal level when a colleague, co-worker, family member seems not able to "come alive" except when there is agitation, rancour, or hurt feelings in the air. The Sacred has a vast power over fallen human consciousness and behavior.

Witness your own feelings when you view these pictures – not obscene, but troubling. One can easily see and feel how strong are the mimetic forces at work in our world today. And, I hope and pray, one can feel the utter need for the vastly more powerful sacramental power of love (hesed, agape, charity) made possible through the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

The time is coming, I fear, when it will take every ounce of sacramental grace, acting through the theological and cardinal virtues to fight against the doubling rivalry such persons -- the true "slaves of Allah" (or the primitive Sacred) -- in respect and honor and love.

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