Saturday, September 08, 2007

What is the Most Precious Thing We Have?

Is it fading into focus or out?

A short quiz from Gil Bailie (tape 7 from The Gift of Self):
What is the greatest discovery in the history of humanity?
Monotheism! The essence of that discovery is that the God of monotheism is Transcendent. He is not in the stone; he is not in the temple; he is not on the mountain or the storm; he is not in my culture; he is not in my ethnicity or my gender; and he is not in my psyche or my ... He is Transcendent! Monotheism and a Transcendent God are the most important discoveries in history.

On the surface, or in a mind trapped in political philosophy, this answer would be found absurd, but wait, sit in prayer and then invite yourself to the next Emmaus Road Initiative hosted in a town nearby.

A couple excerpts from Athos' post Cassandras -- Keep It Up

" is the lack of revelation that leads conventional human religion, anthropologically speaking, to the same destination, i.e., the place of sacrifice. The scandal of particularity is the truth claim of the biblical revelation. Without this claim, we are right back in the relativism of comparative world religions 101. Hence, the Christian faith IS categorically different, superior, and unique in that it claims we are ALL crucifiers, mobsters, etc. capable of bloodthirstiness, betrayal, and cruelty." -- Athos

In the end it was summed up by Nietzsche who said we must choose either Christ or Dionysus. The choice, structurally, is manifestly clear in our world today.

From the post Politics & Apocalypse - Robert Hamerton-Kelly:

"...since monotheism is the first and most effective blow against the pagan sacrificial order, and every great religion is great to the extent that it decodes its own mythology of sacred violence." -- Robert Hamerton-Kelly

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