Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vox Nova

Amy Welborn lifted up a newish blog entitled Vox Nova. The diverse group says about itself:
We are writing to humbly request your help in getting the word out about our new Catholic social/political blog. We are a group of faithful Catholics of very different political persuasions--from libertarians to distributists, from capitalists to anarchists, from conservatives to collectivists. We are united in our conviction that Jesus Christ is the center of the universe and the full revelation of humanity to itself. As Catholics committed to the tradition and magisterium of the Church, we seek to provide smart and informed commentary and debate on culture, society and politics from the Catholic perspective. Because of the diversity of the contributers (mothers, professors, students, fathers, laborers, immigrants), this blog is sure to be uniquely interesting and lively.


David Nybakke said...

Ath, I tried to leave a comment on the blog and for some reason it failed. It looks interesting and so we may want to drop in on it now and again.

I strongly encourage all social and politically motivated Catholics to read Pope B16's new book. He spells out or rather further clarifies the Church's role with regard to engaging in social and political arenas.

Athos said...

Hey, it arrived ... finally. I kissed it with joy.

Michael Dubruiel lauds it with great honor too.

Where the heck is Gil these days?

David Nybakke said...


Gil, through all his recent traveling where he is setting up ERI locales, had a total computer melt-down. He begs for patience from all his followers.

I can't speak high enough on what I have read so far of Pope B16's book. I have a feeling that this will be our Catholic and Christian reference guide for decades.

Did you leave a comment on Vox Nova, introducing yourself and the 3 Massketeers?


Athos said...

Yes, I just commented that we featured them, Aramis.

Katerina Ivanovna said...

Thank you guys!

First time I've been to your blog... I think the "3 Masskeeters" is very cute (sorry) and original!

I like your taste in music too: Mahler, Bach, Taize, I'm impressed ;)

In Him,

Porthos said...

Welcome, Katerina! Thanks for visiting.

We were having a brief discussion among the Massketeers about why you have more than 5,600 pofile views and I only have about 290.

Like I said, a brief discussion. Very brief!

Ath is trying to impress you now with Pre-Raphaelite art. I, on the other hand, am relying on my sparkling wit.

May the best man win!

Porthos said...

Uh, by the way, that Vox Nova is quite a good blog. I like the extracted statement above, too, Ath.

Athos said...

5,621. Hablo espanol tambien. Y tu, Porthos?

Porthos said...

I learned Spanish en escuela. But then I forgot it. Advantage: Ath.

However, I remember the sentence, "Muy bien, pero Luisa tiene catarro."

I never found out who Luisa was, or if she got better..

Athos said...

She did! And went on to become a Women's World Federation Wrestling champ, as I recall. Unfortunately, she developed boxer's ears too - cauliflowers, really.

Then, ella estaba grande y feo. Que lastima.

David Nybakke said...

Gentlemen, gentlemen, what do you say that we get back to the discussion on the new blog, Vox Nova? After checking in with them these last few days I must say how their wonderful words just seem to fall so ... empty? -- at least empty from the standpoint that they have not rubbed up along side of Girard. The more I read Vox Nova the more I gain in my appreciation for Girard. One of these days we will need to call on them and introduce Rene to them. So Ath, as you so boldly made inital contact with them, do you want the honors?

Athos said...

Back to the grindstone, eh, Aramis? While the folk at Vox Nova do not seem to have Girard in their toolbox at present, I like what I read from a Catholic pov.

I'm not sure that it is our role to go door-to-door peddling MT; that's what our blog is for, and why I, in turn, invite folk like Vox Nova to come by and chat or, at least have a look-see at our blog.

So, if you feel a calling to write something in their comment box, Aramis, have at it. You have my full support.