Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Journey Outward - Journey Inward

The True Rhythm of the Saints
Water Lilies (The Clouds) - Claude Monet
1903; Oil on canvas; Private collection
All the appeals to custom, to tradition, to authority, to the positive teaching of religion, to the gestures repeated since childhood are not meant to compel reason nor to supplement it, but to protect it against the vertigo of the imagination. And the only people to be scandalized are, in the words of St Augustine, ‘Those who do not know how rare and difficult a thing it is for the fleshly imagination to be subdued by the serenity of a devout mind.' -- Henri Cardinal DeLubac*

".... (Jesus) withdrew from there ... to a lonely place apart" -- Matthew 14,13a

*via our friend, Gil Bailie.

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