Friday, May 11, 2007

A Dawning Within the Young Republicans

Dawn Eden is at it again. If you are not getting over to view her blog regularly, you are missing out. Check out her talk to the Young Republicans. Here is a short except:

As you know, being Republicans in New York City, there is the so-called counterculture – the feminists, global-warming fanatics, gay-marriage proponents, abortion activists, and so on – and then there is the real counterculture. The real counterculture are those who are working to preserve the moral values that are at the foundation of western civilization. As a longtime rebel, I was attracted to chastity because where the real counterculture lies, chastity is pretty close to ground zero.


Athos said...

The fair damosel is a doughty and fell warrior with words, brother Aramis! I have requested a dainty, a mere token, from her due to the 3Ms admiration for her Joan-of-Arc prowess...

Athos said...

From Dawn Eden:

Thanks very much, all. Athos, I drop my handkerchief to you.