Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mimetic Theory & Rene Girard

This post is for some of our visitors of late who may not be familar with the list on Mimetic Theory & Rene Girard down the side panel of our blog... This blog is dedicated to advancing MT along with the Roman Catholic Church's teaching that is using anthropology as a new language partner.

Mimetic Theory & Rene Girard - along the side panel of this blog.

Cornerstone Forum - Gil Bailie

Are the Gospels Mythical? First Things - Rene Girard

Christological Truth About History - Gil Bailie

Violence & The Sacred - Gil Bailie (part 1)

Mystery of Sin - Gil Bailie (part 2)

NPQ Interview Rene Girard

Touchstone Interview Rene Girard

Religion & Violence - Gil Bailie

Girard Without the Cross? - James Williams

Girard Among the Girardians - First Things

Colloquium On Violence & Religion - COV'R

We strongly encourage visitors to check out these links.

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Catherine said...

I know this is off topic, but I see there is a link to the Word On Fire web site on your page! I have recently been following the development of Father Robert Barron’s Catholicism project, and I greatly encourage other people to support it as well! It’s great work, check it out.