Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Church, Sex, & Illuminati Enemies

"What is frightening is the conjunction of massive technical power and the spiritual surrender to nihilism. A panic-stricken refusal to glance, even furtively, in the direction where meaning could still be found dominates our intellectual life. " -- René Girard

"This is precisely what the primitive sacred does: it’s the mysterium conjunctionis in this strange way. It’s always an oxymoron. It’s the world in which madness and ecstasy, in which violence becomes ecstatic, madness becomes ecstatic. The difference between madness and joy vanishes. And all other differences vanish: the difference between pleasure and pain; between life and death; between male and female vanish in the heart of this frenzy." – Gil Bailie

I ask forgiveness in advance for this long post, but the topic calls for more words than usual.

WE LIVE IN AN AGE OF SCANDAL. Perhaps not the quintessential age of scandal, but our age of scandal. The Church holds strong views on such topics as sexuality, procreation, marriage, and “disordered passions,” although these views go largely unheeded, unnoticed, or dismissed. Without the Catholic Church to draw the line in the sand firmly and consistently this world of scandal would have no way of knowing anything for certain. Is this cruel? It is actually the greatest kindness given to a fallen and wayward human race. But for many who are suffering from the ravaging effects of sin-sickness, the Church and her truth is a red flag waved before a bull that wants nothing more than to charge at any obstacle it perceives.

Does the Church hate or revile such persons made imago dei? Of course not. Yet the converse is clearly not true: those who promote lifestyles that do not generate love and life appear on a hell-bent mission to destroy all the good that the Catholic Church holds precious and of vital importance to the salvation of all people.

Mimetic theory of René Girard sees “negative imitation” and the breakdown of sexual distinctions as symptoms of cultural crisis: a “crisis of distinctions” that constitutes a “sacrificial preparation” leading to cultural collapse. Are the enemies of Catholic truth, marriage, and family conscious of taking part in such an enterprise? Hardly. When caught in such behavior and thinking, lucidity and righteousness are concomitant with viewing one’s enemy (i.e., the Catholic Church) as completely evil and deserving destruction. This is the opposite of how the Church sees those who hate her: it is one-sided “hate affair" that does not perceive their own demise if they are successful in destroying their enemy.

A "hurry-up" microcosm of this gradient is seen in the murderer who, finally, kills himself. This shows the hatred for what it truly is, self hatred turned outward: a lost soul who could not find or accept the forgiveness that would set free. Where else but the Church can this forgiveness be found? We are humans who need the corporeal, the visible, the actual -- not disembodied spirits of some gnostic dream!

Probably nowhere today is this the case as in the area of those who simultaneously want to break down all mores around promiscuous sex of all kinds and want explode the “domestic church” – marriage and the family – from within it and by changing definitions of them.
Regardless of what the medical and research communities have to say, the self-appointed enemies of the Catholic Church and the family are out to break and despoil human normalcy at any cost.

I am going to state clearly and unequivocally that these sexual-political movements are categorically a state of histrionic “negative imitation,” using the phrase of René Girard, with the Catholic Church and her truth. It is an ontological “stiff-arming” that goes to the very heart of a person at odds with the matter of which we are created, the design in which we are created, the God who so created us, the common good to which we are beholden, and even the person himself or herself who harbors such obdurate inclinations. In short, it is "flipping off" Natural Law and saying, “I can be whatever I want to be! Just see if I won’t!”

On a cultural scale, in the west we see a panoply of new, disturbing, and tyrannical laws -- nothing short of a 300-pound “canary in the mineshaft.” A symptom that tells us that the west – the EU, the United States, Canada – is experiencing cultural disintegration. The tying of the hands of the vast majority of denizens of the west by the oligarchical illuminati of Enlightenment secular rationalism who are spearheading the effort to criminal – criminalize! -- normalcy is based on luciferian logic of the first order, as well as one of the greatest religious foes of the Christian faith ever fanned by the flames of hubris; namely, Gnosticism.

But these illuminati wouldn’t be bothered with such tripe and piffle charges from the benighted people of faith who cling to the Barque of Peter. They know what is “good” for the human race …

The Catholic Church, the last and greatest bastion of revealed truth, is in for great attacks in the present and future days by persons who are too blind to see that they are bowing at the altar of an unholy, pagan heresy (Gnosticism) that will, inevitably, take them – and the rest of western civilization and all worthy of cherishing and holding onto – back to slavery and sterility of the worst kind. (The unwitting politicians who “go along to get along” with the policies of the illuminati are mere dupes.) The English Reformation of Henry VIII will perhaps look pleasant by comparison.

But the Church prays for these souls hell-bent on the destruction of all that is true, beautiful, and good. Let us not lose heart! We have lived through persecution and tribulation in this world as Christ’s representatives. Our Lord assures us:
“They hated me (too) without cause … I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble; but take courage, I have conquered the world” [Jn 15:25, 16:33]

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