Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Away From Nihilism

And By A Lawyer, Too

In 2004, after a stint as an evangelical lawyer expounding the merits of natural law theory, J. Budziszewski converted to the Catholic Church. Even earlier, finding himself being swept by the currents of nihilism toward a vortex that readers of René Girard know something about, he caught the rope of Christian belief to extricate himself from a sticky end. You can read about it in his own words here.

What he says about the "stupidity of the intelligent" is too good to recap; you deserve to read it for yourself.

Right Reason interviews Budziszewski about his book, Natural Law for Lawyers.

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Porthos said...

Except for having no idea how to pronounce or write his name, I have always liked Budziszewski's stuff. I first encountered him in First Things. He also had a good testimony on The Journey Home.