Thursday, May 31, 2007

Union with God (EWTN)

This is a low key but (for me) useful series centering on St. Francis de Sales' teaching on devotion. I've been slowly going through it over the past month or two as spare half hours come up. The blurb: "Explore St. Francis de Sales 'Introduction to the Devout Life' with Fr. Frederick Miller."

It might be a bit elementary for the other 'Teers and readers. I thought it really started to get practical around Episode 8.

Much of this seemed rather more like confirmation than instruction per se, as in, "So that's what's happening!"

If you feel so led!


Athos said...

Had difficulty accessing it via my Mac and Real Player, Porthos. Alas.

Porthos said...

Sorry, Ath. It works on my Mac and Realplayer, even the old System 9 dinosaur at work. Is it like this for all EWTN streaming and archives, or only this item?

Athos said...

Nope. Can't get it to work. :O(

Porthos said...

Any EWTN stuff or just this item?