Friday, May 11, 2007

Holy Mount Athos

My, my Ath, you keeping this place of your name sake for yourself? Imagine a small Greek island of 20 monasteries. I vote that we make the Holy Mount Athos our retreat this year. What do you think?


David Nybakke said...

YouTube subscriber TGeorge71 wrote of the Holy Mount Athos:

"Those who will take this road", will... "Those who will take this road", will not come across an easy phantasmagoria, like the ones that entertain people in the name of the ephemeral. The beauty of the real is revealed only to those who persevere"

Holy Mount Athos the pearl barley of Orthodoxy and Christianity to all the world

In the lives of monks the Christian sees examples of men who took their Christian faith seriously and committed themselves to the path which everyone is called by Christ to follow. Not all of them attained perfection, but they all tried, and all rose to a certain height. Not all possessed the same talent, but all strove as good and faithful servants. They are not held up as examples to be imitated, especially by laymen. They are however valuable signposts on the road to perfection, which is common for all and has its climax in the perfectness of God.

David Nybakke said...

Oh, but there is more - so here is the rest of the story (or at least a bit more). Should women get access to Mount Athos?

Since we 3 Massketeers do not want to be engulfed in a bitter fight around gender correctness issues maybe we should just settle on Disneyworld for our retreat...

Athos said...

My vote is for the High Llamasery in Shangri La, gents.