Sunday, May 20, 2007

Posting Problems

This is an edit of a post pointing out the new design of Anchoress's blog.

For some reason, comments were disabled in my post. (I think the comment disabling might have happened in the signing-in process, but I don't know.) I'm not sure how to fix it, but apologies in the mean time!

(2nd edit: Comments worked in the test post. Try this one again.)

(3rd edit: Fixed, I think.)

(4th edit: Yeah. If this ever happens to you, check the "Post Options" menu under the text area and make sure it's on "Allow")

1 comment:

Athos said...

It'd be easier if the fair damosel in Anchoress's new header weren't such a looker.

Surely Francis and Claire, John of the Cross and Teresa, Abelard and Heloise ... well, never mind the latter ... surely the maid at yon window is catching the wind of the Spirit. Nothing more. Nothing more.