Wednesday, May 09, 2007

CT & Beckwith Interview

Readers may be keeping up with the momentous conversion of Dr. Francis Beckwith, leading evangelical Christian, to the Catholic Church. This candid and cordial interview with Christianity Today is enjoyable and informative. Too, it resonates with the stories of many who enter full communion with Christ's "one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church."


Porthos said...

Nice find, Ath. Thanks! Your characterization is also accurate.

David Nybakke said...

Great article, Ath.

(Like to go off the article just a bit and bring up something that relates to our recent off-blog comments.) It may not be an AHA! experience, but none-the-less a Girdianian outlook can have significance wherever you look. Dr. Francis Beckwith: "Now there's a kind of theological framework, and it doesn't say my salvation depends on me, but it says my virtue counts for something. It's important to allow the grace of God to be exercised through your actions."

If we were to put this into Girardian lingo, it may read something like this: "Now there's a mirror from which I can look at myself and say that my thoughts and actions come from others or Other and that it is important to me and humanity that I exercise those God-given virtues, otherwise I hand over contol to the whims of others."

So instead of thinking of MT from a state of projection (looking at others from usually a smug place of distance or distinction) and always chanting, victim, victim, who is the victim today... how about if we look inside and experience true humility, maybe for the first time? Maybe this look at MT comes from a merging of my Protestant background with my newly converted Catholic experience.

Athos said...

Here’s a suggestion for "MTers" who can't see their own victims.

Just a thought.

Porthos said...

That is so funny.

Favorite line:
"Confess Chalced'n or you take a beat'n."