Wednesday, August 20, 2008

War for the White House

Latest Poll Reveals 430 New Demographics That Will Decide Election
Try distinguishing real news to Onion News - I don't think you can. "Its going to come down to whether they will vote from their wallets or their conscience."

To provide YOU our faithful bloggers with an appropriate voters' guideline, we at the Four Mass'keteers have provided a link to a previous post that should help sweep away the confusion.

“Conscience always requires serious attempts to make sound moral judgments based on the truths of our faith." Link here.

And remember Don't Let the Turkeys get to you - TURN YOUR TV OFF.

hat tip to Mark Shea

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Athos said...

Ohdamm. They nailed me with the (wannabee) farmhouse dwelling self-publishing mystery novelist vote again. Shees. I was hoping to move up this year.