Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Part is to Consent - The Imitatation of Mary's YES

So long as we imagine that it is we who have to look for God, then we must often lose heart. But it is the other way about: he is looking for us. And so we can afford to recognize that very often we are not looking for God; far from it, we are in full flight from him, in high rebellion against him. And he knows that and has taken it into account. (As sinners we are God's Enemies) He has followed us into our own darkness; there where we thought finally to escape him, we run straight into his arms.

So we do not have to erect a false piety for ourselves, to give us hope of salvation.
(False piety is thinking that its fine "being good enough" - that our lukewarmness in lieu of conversion is enough.) Our hope is in his determination to save us. And he will not give in!

This should free us from that crippling anxiety which prevents any real growth, giving us room to do whatever we can do, to accept that small but genuine responsibilities that we do have. Our part is not to shoulder the whole burden of our salvation, the initiative and the program are not in our hands:
our part is to consent, (to hear and believe in He Who is calling us out) to learn how to love him in return whose love came to us so freely while we were quite uninterested in him. - Simon Tugwell, OP, via August 2008 Magnificat

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