Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sez You - Epistemological Power Grab

In the war of words presently being engaged by Speaker Pelosi, Vice President Candidate Biden, both cafeteria-style Catholics, and notable representatives of the Catholic Church, we see a battle for who will define the terms of discourse and carry the day in public debate about abortion. Distilled, the debate is over who can validly say with epistemological certainty what is true.

The Pelosi/Biden position is not only arrogant, cynical, and proud in the extreme, it is also one that knows what is up for grabs in the coming election: the most (worldly) powerful executive office in the world.

If the Catholic laity of America listen to their Church leaders, it may mean rejection of their candidate - a devout and pragmatic humanist, over-educated in the halls of secular higher academia, as well as ushered into realms of prestige and privilege by very dubious personages.

My hope and prayer is that American Catholics will realize the hubris of the grab by the Pelosi/Biden effort.

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