Thursday, December 07, 2006

Trivia Related to the Musical Preferences of Lady Aramis

Aramis has informed us that the good Lady Aramis is quite partial to a song called "Spirit in the Sky," a song generously linked by brave Aramis himself some weeks ago.

That madrigal reminded me of another which I could not place, and it has been nagging me ever since. Luckily, my colleague, Catholic godfather and drivin' rock enthusiast has come to my aid. The song is "On the Road Again" by Canned Heat.

Compare "Spirit in the Sky" by Jeff Greenbaum.

Draw what spiritual conclusions you may from this bit of musical dot-connecting [e.g. recommencing that paschal journey ("on the road again") by which, please God, we will ultimately arrive the beautific vision (go "up to the spirit in the sky") etc.]



Athos said...

One can always make connections, being an INFJ on the MBTI.

You go, bro Aramis! What ho!

Porthos said...

Being a what?

Porthos said...

On the what?

Porthos said...

Anyway, I got the lyrics wrong (apologies to Master and Lady Aramis). It's "Going up to the spirit in the sky" not "going to be a spirit in the sky" as I lazily and erroneously represented earlier.

(The correct lyrics are also more orthodox.)

You know, I'm starting to get into that song. It's a real head bobber. And my godfather would approve. And he's also a Midwesterner. And that vamp is legitimate heir of Mississippi Delta blues.

Athos said...

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) is a valid and reliable personality sorter. It doesn't assess major psychological issues ("I'm psychotic and so am I"), but one's preferences.

It's especially helpful in work settings, marriages and in interpersonal communication settings.

Porthos said...

So, you calling me an INFJ?

I been called a lot of things, but never an INFJ.

You got my number, Ath! Ha, ha, ha (raucus laughter to conceal complete ignorance of what INFJ means) ha, ha, ha!

Porthos said...

OK, I've checked it out

INFJ sounds about right.

This isn't some kind of Astrology type thing, is it?

Athos said...

No, Porthos, my dear uncouth friend (sniffing and looking side to side for others to share in his humorous superiority).

Lady Athos is qualified to administer and interpret the MBTI. It entails no reading of sheep entrails or gazing at tea leaves. It is a highly reliable and valid testing instrument.

I, Athos, am an 'INFJ' -- and, BTW, Amy Welborn says she tests out as an 'INFP'. It's a really cool personality sorter for appreciating one's God given skills and preferences ('Gosh, I'm not nuts after all' is a usual response to taking the MBTI.)

Great for couples - my personal promise. Two thumbs up!

Porthos said...

My first response was, "You mean, I'm not that special, unique little smudgy fingerprint at the crime scene of humanity that I thought I was? You mean there are hundreds of millions of dorks like me--approximately one sixteenth on the globe--that have the same profile?"

David Nybakke said...

Porthos, check out
and the Enneagram. Though I have heard that the MBTI has a spirituality component I think that most MB testing does not incorporate it. My experience favors the Enneagram for spirituality is more a factor, though I must admit that I find these personality tests more hype than help because usually the instructors are so handcuffed in how to balance the scores with issues of desire and each spirituality is so wrapped up in desire.

David Nybakke said...

I wrote: each spirituality is so wrapped up in desire.

And I do not mean desire in the usual Freudian way, but in a Girardian understanding.

Athos said...

Yes, the MBTI has a rreally good spirituality component, Aramis. Father Chet Michael wrote a fine little book called, as I remember, Prayer and Temperament. Excellent.