Friday, December 01, 2006

No lift off here

Snowed/iced in. Somehow I made it to work and got stuck in the parking lot, though I only live a couple miles from home (home is where my wife's business is located and so she made it to work as well). All major employers and schools are closed (what whimps they all are).

Brought in my notebook of Bailie material in with hopes of looking up a couple points on the psychology of the person, but the phone keeps ringing off the hook.

I hope to get a post up sometime soon on Personhood and Being from John D. Zizioulas' book, "Being as Communion." Bailie has used his work as reference material and I finally got my copy in after months of waiting.


Keep the Mahler coming dear Porthos!

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Porthos said...

Good luck! Worse ways to be snowed in than with a book on communion . . .

I'll be more than happy to do more Mahler. It's kind of an unexpected pleasure to have someone--anyone--to share Mahler enjoyment with, though I did have high hopes (rewarded) with regard to Athos in that dept. Glad you are digging on it too, Ar. It's not as easy as I thought to dig up optimal clips . . .