Friday, December 01, 2006

Mahler Fix ("Resurrection")

I just knew everyone was starting to get antsy for more Mahler. Always happy to oblige!

Final chorus of Symphony no. 2 ("Resurrection"):



Bernstein (may he rest in peace) does a fine job here. Good cathedral accoustics. Great camera work.

I can't do anything about the Chinese subtitles . . .


Athos said...

Superb, Porthos. Love the setting (gothic), love dear old Bernstein - miss his panache, knowledge - and Mahler ... well. Can the heart get any closer to Heaven while earthbound?


Porthos said...

Not much. Except maybe watching Gilligan's Island reruns. (Kidding.)

Do you know who the soprano is?

I miss Berstein, too. No slouch as a composer, either, ole Leonard.

Thanks for checking it out, Ath! I thought you'd like that setting, including the ceiling shot at the end!

Porthos said...

Did you see (and hear) Bernstein's jump in part 2?

We have lift off!