Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Lady of All Nations

I need Athos' opinion discernment-wise, about whether I may be slipping over into the hyper-pious fringe of the Church, but nonetheless, I do pray this prayer sometimes, and wonder whether I ought to pray it more.


Athos said...

Porthos, thank you for the joy of rounding the cyber corner and seeing Our Lady there to greet me (and all) as I happened upon our lowly establishment.

Fringe? She is the supreme exemplar of all disciples, as John Paul the Great reminded us.

Let some jackanape say She is "fringe" or the delusion of an overly pious mind, and s/he will have to cross swords with the 3Ms. All41&14all.

Our Lady, pray for us. +

David Nybakke said...

Dear P,

Maybe we could come up with, ...,

Mary, pray for Athos so that he may be free of all temptation to pick up on the Troll bait, as it is.

Speaking of Troll...

Gents, I have been bogged down in tapes 3 and 4 of Let This Mind Be in You.

-- The fog of Christmas (as how the mimetic stimuli overwhelms all senses) simply suffocates me. Again the Church calendar is such a good wake up call for me as it goes right into the feast day of St. Stephen and then yesterday, the slaughter of the Holy Innocents, not allowing us to fall into the Enlightenment trap of believing in some sort of false innocence. Your post yesterday, Athos was fantastic - you were able to say things so well, and so comprehendible, even for me. And Porthos, the Lady of All Nations prayer is breath-taking, I love it.


Athos said...

Aramis, I'm not sure what being baited by trolls means in terms of defending the honor of Our Lady. Scott Hahn pointed out that it is simple Christian duty on two counts:

(a) We are supposed to strive to imitate Christ who fulfilled the law perfectly. So far so good?

(b) Thus, he honored his Father and his Mother. We are supposed to do the same.

Simple. As far as crossing swords, I seem to recall that you sent Porthos and myself some images of exquisite steel blades some time ago ...


Porthos said...

Hi guys

I meant attention to this particular devotion, the Lady of All Nations in particular, not devotion to our Lady in general.

Porthos is kind of knocked off balance by stuff at the moment and may not be able to be active here for a bit. Carry that torch, and please keep me in your prayers.


David Nybakke said...

Athos, I am sorry that my earlier comment about Trolls was not better explained. The reference was to an email from Porthos about some at a list-serv possibly baiting Athos into a needless battle of words and wit. When you get back to checking your emails you will see what I mean. It had nothing to do with Our Lady or crossing swords.

Porthos, know that you are lifted up and held always in prayer. Peace.

Athos said...

And may all of us find rest and peace and ease of burdon in nonpossessive, selfless love for those entrusted to our care.