Thursday, December 07, 2006

Angel - E. Burne-Jones

What good news do I need to hear this first week of Advent?


David Nybakke said...

Okay, I give up. What is the story behind such an interesting painting? How is it tied into Advent?

Porthos said...

My guess is 1) that good Athos is doing the Pre-Raphaelite thing, and 2) that the angel is either Gabriel annunciating or 3) one of the shepherd-directed members of the heavenly band.

Nice piece.

And the good news is that Aramis has got "Choral Treasure" up on our sidebar.

Athos said...

How is a painting of an angelic visitor tied to Advent, Aramis? Well, it is at least as tied to Advent as Spirit in the Sky or On the Road Again, canonically speaking, certainly.

The Heavenly host are variously depicted, being, according to the Jewish and Catholic tradition, the messengers of the Lord.

But, as Porthos observes, I'm doing the Pre-Rafaelite thing here, sharing the essence of the Gospel (Gr. euaggelon - good news) which is truth, goodness and beauty, emphasis on beauty.

Did anyone else get a nice CD from Bailie called ""? I started listening to it last night.

Porthos said...

No! Never heard of it? What's the scoop on Areopagus?
(Sounds kind of like Spirit of the Sky in Koine Greek--or is that Aeropnuema?)

Don't blame Aramis for Canned Heat. I take full responsibility.

No, wait . . .

It's my godfather's fault!

Porthos said...

I've been Googling Burne-Jones. He did beautiful work. Nice stained glass, too. Throw some more at us, Ath!

Athos said...

It must be that the Cornerstone Forum mailing list doesn't extend to the entire global community yet, Porthos.

Burne-Jones was a dear friend of William Morris and, unlike Rossetti, he didn't fall in love with other men's wives. Or maybe I should say B-J didn't "physicalize" it.

Porthos said...

D'oh. I never got around to getting on that mailing list. Got a bump that up on the "to do" list.