Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Porthos Deletes Again!

Because it just won't do to have a deconstruction post hanging over a Rafael Madonna and Child (thanks, Athos, by the way!).

And it wasn't that important anyway.


Athos said...

Oh, sure, just because Athos is off in the hinterlands ... wait, I'm near Aramis's stomping grounds and an hour from Amy Welborn's haunts.

Brother Porthos, just go for it!

Athos said...

BTW, I hope sales figures were stupendous for St. Stephen's Day, Aramis!

Porthos said...

Obviously, it does you good to slug it out with your Evangelical kin. Let's have more of it!

Athos said...

Actually, P, they seem very open to the prophetic writings of M. Steyn and see the need for people of good will to protect one another's wells.

I'm not checking email, but accessing the blog now and then as able.

Keep up the good work, brothers.