Thursday, December 07, 2006

Latest Dread

No, not some looming catastrophe this time. I mean Dreadnought. I haven't visited Dreadnoughtfor a while, but he's had some good stuff up recently. Dread is a rad trad 'gay' Catholic, exuberantly faithful to the magisterium, and a fine writer. I consider Catholics like Dread to be some front line folks re: the living meaning of chastity, and often get a lot from his insights, including spiritual insights which are very much in the "offer it up" and "pour it out" school--though Athos doesn't totally approve of Dreadnought's tone and style. (I add that Dread has Amy Welborn's stamp of approval.)


Athos said...

Porthos, I find the latest Dreadnoughting posts and letters compellingly moving.

I used to bide by the personal injunction suggested by C. S. Lewis - never write or speak against temptations that I am not tempted by (homosexuality or gambling, for example).

But the situation changed when alternative lifestyle special interest groups began and continue to build case after case in attempts to normalize what the Church calls "disordered passions."

"How dare you foist your values on my body?" is the usual victim claim invocation (capitalizing on concern for victims initiated by the Gospel).

The breathtakingly horrific lengths to which such lobbying has taken the argument now includes litigation against any who view and express such views as homosexuality as "unnatural" or "disordered" as a "hate crime."

To this, John Heard is a heady draught of sanity and clear thinking.

Here's hail to Dreadnought.


Porthos said...

Good to have your im-prin-toor on Dread, bro. He's also a natural law buff, which I thought would generate one or two thumbs up. And a good ole smells and bells rad trad Catholic boy.