Friday, December 15, 2006

Department of Random Notes

1) Choral Treasure is great to have going in the background. (Takes a while to get the music running though, and it seems to slow down other keyboard operations--at least on my computer.) Anyway, thanks again to Aramis! The site is clickable, over near the top of our sidebar, and well worth the click.

2) Hold up dear Aramis in prayer for a gruelling Christmas season. For me it's going to be the fourth sorrowful mystery (Carrying of the Cross). Hey, hold all of us up. Hasn't been easy for me either, though easier than for Aramis.

3) I keep missing (or sort of drifting by) these great feast days, being the isolated expat that I am. The Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. John of the Cross . . . Is there a good, solid Catholic Calendar that we can link on our sidebar? (Not to make more work for Aramis--let's think about it when 2007 comes around.) I'm getting kind of tired of saying to myself "That was (yesterday/last week/etc.)?"

4) Another generous link to us at Suicide of the West (see our sidebar again). Here's to quality content (and good visuals) from Athos and Aramis attracting more of the same, and hoping that my gratuitous Mahler links don't discourage it. (Actually, I think I'm almost done with Mahler, but I've been hunting for some optimum Stravisnki and Eric Dolphy as well as movie clips).

5) After some huddling, it's been kind of sort of decided that reflections on Gil Bailie's series "Let This Mind Be in You" will continue, but in a more freestyle mode (e.g. presenting notable excerpts with commentary, rather than shooting for a methodical discussion carried out mostly in comment boxes).


Athos said...

My dear Porthos, thank you for summarizing things for our readers, both of them.

I heard your mournful lament about letting great feast days pass you by and wondered if you had seen "The Lion and the Cardinal" @

It presently has a beautiful series on Japanese Butterfly Mosaics featured. Too, scroll down and look on the left sidebar at the music websites.

Hey! Sursum corda.


Porthos said...

Right back atcha! (I think.)

Pretty stuff, but I still want my handy dandy feast day calendar!

Feel free to use your special Massketeer meta-editing capabilities to toss some more notes into that post, Athos. (For instance, prayers for Liz and Gil Bailie--I figure that's a given and have been on it every day, but maybe another reminder is needed.)

I've been searching and experimenting with html code tags to try to figure out how to do block quotes at this joint. No luck at all. But some of it has to do with browser capabilities and which browser is supported by which whoziwhatsit.

By the time we figure this stuff out, we may have three readers, or even (gasp!) four!

Athos said...

Here's the daily readings site I use, Porthos. And I see it has saints' days listed too.