Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tolkien's Dark Lord at the UN (and do we say US?)

But the armies of darkness were strong and seemed invincible. China, Great Britain, Brazil, the Russian Federation, Spain and Germany could be expected to
promote this language. The United States, under its new administration bound to the culture of death, would use all of its might to advance the reign of Planned Parenthood. All seemed lost.

Then help came from an unexpected quarter. Iran took the floor and protested that the "right to sexual and reproductive health" could not be substituted with "sexual and reproductive health and rights."

We can only thank that one nation with the moral fortitude to refuse to be hoodwinked allowed a crack to open into the darkness. Obviously that one nation is NOT the US because we are not a Christian nation for our values are not shaped by a faith - we kinda like to pick and choose whatever or wherever the wind blows. Thankfully in this issue of pushing the abortion platform globally Iran stands firm. Interesting where the alliances form, isn't it?


Athos said...

I am an admirer of Elizabeth Lev. What a fine analogy. Who is to say that we may not yet strike up an alliance - we monotheists - that will rout the culture of death, or perhaps turn hearts to the culture of life, once more?

David Nybakke said...

The interesting thing to me Ath, is the "we" you use in the question. Is it a "we" who is led by 'I Wun'? If not then how do "we" monotheists 'break away'(?) from our 'nation' and its leaders? Do we substitute the US in place of the European thing?

Athos said...

Dark days, Aramis. I knew this storm was coming seven years ago. The only thing strong enough is Mother Church.

As to who is the "we" of whom I am speaking, it is the members of the Body of Christ who affirm the Magisterium of the Church. How to live faithfully under seige? I will seek the advice of my parochial vicar whom I trust with my soul. I'll be interested in hearing whose advice you will seek.

David Nybakke said...

Dear Ath,
I am not as strong as you so I will take up hopefully following in your footsteps.

This idea of seeing the leadership of this country go in opposite direction of the Church is quite unnerving. I see days ahead where our numbers will dwindle further as O pushes onward with his agenda.

It may be something that to the Church she is used to, but for me...its new warfare.

Peace and good cheer
1 4 all and all 4 1

D'artagnan said...

I always wanted to make a shirt or bumper sticker (these are great literature to us Bawlmer folk) which might read "United Nations: We put the UN in Un-American" (o: