Thursday, April 16, 2009

PRAY AND SING THE WORDS of St. Francis and St. Clare

Passing this on from a friend.

Dear Friends,

Over the past two years, we have worked with a team of Franciscans from across the world [see below] to produce what we call Franciscan Mantras drawn from the writings of St. Francis and St. Clare in a double CD and Songbook for singers and one for musicians.

The CDs are being distributed by Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs and proceeds for FPP will go to support our scholarship program for Franciscans from developing countries to be able to participate in our Assisi Pilgrimages. The Songbooks are being distributed by Tau Publishing from Arizona. The two attachments pretty much give a better synopsis of the works and how to obtain them, and you can visit our website Assisi Journey to hear some of the songs themselves.

We hope these works adds a new dimension to the prayer, worship and life of our Franciscan Family.

If you are able to forward this email to people on your address list, it would help immensely!

Wishing you peace and every good!

André Cirino OFM
Josef Raischl, SFO

Twenty-six mantras taken directly from the writings of Saints Francis and Clare on two CDs, background information on Francis and Clare and a 16 page booklet explaining each chant.
Link HERE for more info on the disks and how to order.

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