Saturday, April 11, 2009

Girard - Christianity does not promise peace but promises truth Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World he (Girard) claims he is not ashamed of Old Testament texts that mystify violence and analyzes many of the more important books of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is very important for his theory. One should also add that Girard does not disregard the non-violent aspects of non-Christian religions. His defence of Christianity has nothing to do with the fashionable idea of "non-violence". Girard stresses that Christianity does not promise peace but promises truth. According to Girard, it de-mystifies the "peace of the world". All religions, he says, even the most violent ones, are aimed toward peace. Archaïc societies ritually repeat the scapegoat-solution to make peace.

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Athos said...

Which is why, Aramis, one must go beyond the merely forensic task of cultural autopsy. What is the good word, Good News, that the Church brings this of all days in light OF such promised "truth" to us poor, ornery, mortals?