Monday, April 27, 2009

Does it play in Peoria? Yes it does - the Catholic Men of Faith March 2009

tip to Athos
The Catholic Diocese of Peoria held their sixth annual men's march and mass today in downtown Peoria.

Residents from across the area gathered today at Liberty Park for the Call to Catholic Men of Faith.

The speaker for the event was Chase Hilgenbrinck who followed his dream of being a professional soccer player until he realized that wasn't his true calling.

Seminarian Chase Hilgenbrinck says, "I won a championship one year in Chile and I remember after the you know coming home after the game and sitting in my house and just really being on top of my game and realizing that there was still something missing in my life and that was the time that I knew that this wasn't the profession that was going to fulfill me that I did have a true vocation in the church and that I needed to step out and be a leader the message that we're sending out today I needed to step up and be a man."

Hilgenbrinck says the purpose of the event is to encourage men of the diocese to be men of God.

Aramis here: I was unable to attend as I was at a wedding but many friends did participate this past Saturday.

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