Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lord, by your Cross

The Scimitar lacks something, according to Girard: the Cross. The Christian faith offers a bright, shining Alternative to the same old, same old of the primitive Sacred's imperative of revenge, retaliatory violence, and the scapegoating mechanism. What? The message of Good Friday is one of a forlorn hope of short circuiting the "eternal return" of Nietzsche. The message of Easter is one of vindication: God is not the bloodthirsty, vengeful deity we claimed he was by offering so, so many victims to him to justify ourselves. As the prophet Jeremiah said for God, "It never crossed my mind!"

Ponder these ancient truths this week as we draw near to the great Mysteries of the Faith. Ask: where and when do I (still) seek revenge? cause offense? hold grudges? demand retribution because it is my "sacred duty?"

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David Nybakke said...

Great reflection by By Father Thomas Rosica, CSB on Good Friday. This will be my 5th year "carrying the Cross" in our parish dramatization of the Passion. When Pontus yells out, "Look at the man!" And standing in front of the congregation all you hear are the shouts from the players, "crucify Him, crucify Him" it is all I can do not to start crying.

And when I look down to Mary and John I have a real sense of release but that is quickly replaced for when I pronounce, "Now it is finished," I am at once filled with the breath of everyone only in a second to return the breath, bow my head and lower myself to the ground.