Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Text in Travail - Chapter 7 in Violence Unveiled by Gil Bailie

The Bible has given us the privileged tool of demystification, but we either do not know how to use it, or do not want to use it. Perhaps we are secretly afraid it will wreak too much havoc. - René Girard
The man of today . . . must read the Scriptures as though they were something entirely unfamiliar, as though they had not been set before him ready-made . . . as though he has not been confronted all his life with sham concepts and sham statements which cited the Bible as their authority. - Martin Buber

According to the biblical tradition, the essential thing about the human race is that it has fallen. It lives cursed by its own waywardness, insolence, pride, and absurdity. This idea of a fallen humanity has not been a popular one in the modern world, but that is not because the evidence for it has become any less compelling. What we must realize is that the biblical idea of a fall is inextricably linked with the biblical idea of the goodness of creation and the goodness of God. When the Bible says we are fallen creatures, it is saying that the question of what’s wrong with the world is really the question about what’s wrong with us.

Violence Unveiled

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